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About RIA

The Revista de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (RIA) is a publication of scientific information edited by INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology). An Editorial Committee that comprises members from the academic and agricultural scientific field will review the articles submitted to be published. RIA is devoted to the timely dissemination of significant new knowledge about  Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Veterinary and/or Animal Science, Climate or Environmental Science and Social Rural Science.

RIA, which is intended for the national and the international scientific community, is open-access and free for publication. It does not charge or pay any pecuniary rights to authors and / or readers, and it promotes the widest and free dissemination of the knowledge of authors and scientific organizations in Latin America and the world.

RIA adheres to the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment  (DORA).

In its three annual editions, RIA accepts and publishes articles written entirely in English. The three editions comprise the following publication periods: January -April (month of publication); May -August (month of publication); September-December (month of publication).

The editing process in RIA does not imply expenses or processing fees (Article Processing Charge -APC-), as well as any associated cost that must be assumed by the authors and scientific institutions.

RIA adheres to the set of international declarations that favor Open Access to texts and data.

In order to reinforce the open access policy, RIA publishes under a Creative Commons Atribución-No Comercial 4.0 Internacional (CC BY-NC 4.0) license, which allows sharing (copying and redistributing the material in any medium or format) and adapting (remix, transform and create from the material), under the condition that the corresponding credits are given and no commercial use of the material is made.

Since 2013, Argentina has adopted the Law 26,899 “Institutional open access digital repositories”, which promotes the development of open access institutional digital repositories and establishes the open deposit of scientific-technological production financed with public funds. The norm applies to researchers, technologists, teachers, postdoctoral fellows, and master’s and doctoral students whose research activity is financed totally or partially from the national State.

The National Institute of Agricultural Technology, member of the Consejo Interinstitucional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CICyT) (Interinstitutional Council for Science and Technology), has its open access institutional repository / digital library  

All RIA numbers are available for free on the website.