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Submission and Review Process

Monitoring process of scientific articles: Original Paper, Brief Communication and Review

From the receipt of the email confirmation that the article has been registered in the RIA publication system, through its upload in Submitting (Open Journal Systems -OJS- of RIA), the author must be aware of a series of steps.

All communication of the editorial process will be made by the email defined as the contact of the corresponding author of the submitted manuscript. The Editorial Committee assumes that any response/communication received from the corresponding author has the approval of all the authors of the manuscript.


This notification is aimed at identifying the instances in the process towards the publication of the scientific article:

1- Reception of the article and communication to the General Editor of RIA.

2- The first review of the article is performed by the General Editor to verify that it complies with the standards of Writing Your Paper (it is considered that the first reading has been done after uploading it to the RIA publication system).

3- The General Editor evaluates the article in accordance with the editorial line defined during the ten (10) business days following the date of entry of the text. If it is considered that the topic addressed is not relevant for the topics covered by the journal, the corresponding author is informed that -after being evaluated- the topic is not relevant and therefore, its inclusion in the journal will not be recommended by peer-reviewers. This decision is unappealable.

4- With the favorable acceptance for the evaluation of the article, the review process begins. The Associate Editor assigned is responsible for at least two reviewers from the academic and scientific field, with skills development in the agro-industrial system.

5- The final evaluation stage of the article is reached with the approval of the Editorial Committee according to the suggestions made by the Associate Editor and the General Editor in the process already mentioned.

6- During the evaluation by reviewers, each article has 60 days -minimum- and 90 days -maximum-for the approval of the entire process which involves: the selection and intervention of reviewers, the complexity topic addressed and the specific characteristics of scientific production, among others.

7- The editorial process includes the participation of the author to recognize the observations and modifications made for the approval of the scientific production. So the above mentioned times can be extended if the author must respond to the observations of the reviewers.

8- Once the evaluation process finishes, the Editorial Committee defines which articles comprise the edition of each of the three annual publications of RIA.

9- On the way to publication, each article selected for publication goes through an instance of comprehensive editorial review that is in charge of a proofreader of the journal. The aim is to adjust grammatical and idiomatic aspects without altering the meaning of the text.

10- The grammatical correction and galley proof always require the final review and approval by the corresponding author. The final review must be adjusted, if needed, to suggestions indicated by the author via email where the corrections of form or structure -of the presentation- are indicated so as to achieve a better reading of it. Under no circumstances are changes to the presentation design aesthetics established by the journal for its articles (typography, color, etc.) accepted.

11- Once the articles are accepted and after having the final revision of the authors, the articles are published in “Articles in press” pending the assignment of a specific volume. In this instance, the article will already hold the Digital Object Identifier (DOI).

12- When the article is included in the new volume, the corresponding author is notified by email. Subsequently, the final publication is made in the assigned volume and in the “Original Articles” section.

13- RIA only issues “Proof of Publication” if the article has been accepted for publication. The certification is issued through email where the title of the article, names and surnames of all the authors and the volume of publication assigned are reported.

If you have any questions or queries the corresponding author of the article can write to